If Scripture is Food

If Scripture is food, and I a man
Then why don’t I put it fast in a pan?
My hand the pan, my mind the mouth
My spirit to be nourished, my soul cleansed out.

I choose to be starving, starving for God.
Something less than a man, someone deaf toward God.
For it is God who made man, and gave him his Word.
Yet I don’t desire it, it seems so absurd.

But sin makes us wise, so at least we think.
We took Satan’s kool-aid, and gave it a drink.
And so we believe his lies, the ones leading to hell.
We ignore God’s warnings, desiring not his kingdom but a jail.

Please hear these words, please take and eat up.
Take the Scripture my friends, and make it your lunch.
In God’s holy Word, you will certainly find
His words to you, eat them with your mind.

1 thought on “If Scripture is Food

  1. aaacckk! This hits so close to home. I am ashamed at how “busy” I can be….too busy to feed well! Father, please create in me a desire, a hunger, for Your wholesome and instructive Word.

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