Wednesday With The Psalms (Psalm 119:143)

“Trouble and anguish have found me out, but your commandments are my delight.” (Psalm 119:143)

Trouble and anguish are the lot of every man, woman, boy, and girl who walks on this earth. Whether it be trouble and anguish related to the toils and difficulties of making a living (which according to Genesis 3:17-19 is part of the curse of this fallen world), or trouble and anguish in our family relationships (which according to Genesis 3:16 is also a part of the curse of this fallen world), or trouble and anguish experienced as a result of poor health (which is part and parcel of death entering the world through sin which we see in Genesis 3:19 and Romans 5:12), or some other bit of trouble and anguish that is common to us as human beings, we should not be surprised when trouble and anguish seeks us out, finds us, and sets up shop.

But while trouble and anguish are part of the cards we have dealt to ourselves in this world, they do not have to have the last word. No, according to the psalmist, we should let God’s Word have the last word. The psalmist does not allow trouble and anguish to rule the day, but instead finds his delight in the commandments of God. Life is short and uncertain; God’s Word is eternal and sure. The trouble and anguish of this world cannot rob us of our delight if our delight is bound up in the life giving commandments of God found in the Bible.

Christian, do not let the trouble and anguish of this world rule the day. This too shall pass. But God’s Word remains. It is sure and it is certain. Let it fill your heart with delight in the midst of the trouble and anguish you are facing today.

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