My name is Jimmy Tidmore. I have been married to Lara for 15 years and we have a 7 year old daughter named Mary Tanner and a newborn son named James Eli.

I am blessed to serve at the pastor of Monte Sano Baptist Church in Huntsville, AL. I am also blessed to live on Monte Sano with lots of great people. I am a graduate of Auburn University (War Eagle) and I worked for 14 years as a programmer/web developer. In 2008 I yielded to God’s call to full time ministry and enrolled at Beeson Divinity School (a wonderful place) in 2009. Shortly after my graduation from Beeson (December 2012) I began serving at Monte Sano Baptist (February 2013).

The purpose of this blog, in addition to redeeming all of my other blogging failures, is to compliment and assist my pastoral work. You can read more information about why I started blogging again on the post Not Again…